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Poster: Jim F Date: Feb 7, 2011 12:09am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 10-29-73 A must listen

Yes, it's those performances that make me proud to be a St. Louisan (you forgot 5/14/70! and 5/15/77 might be considered a great show were it not tucked away in the great era of May 1977). I know rock stars always say things like whatever town they are in at the moment has the best fans and all that, but on occasion Phil has said things at shows here-such as Furthur's last stop here in November-like "this town has always been really good to us." I like to believe him.

I'm only 31, so my experience with "Dead Shows" here has been limited to "Post-Jerry" things from 1996 to the present (the tragic tale of how I missed the 1995 GD shows is a sad and different story not to be told here and now). But I've been fortunate enough to befriend a couple of "old heads" who were at some of those legendary shows here. Their friendship is a true treasure for me. It is a wonderful thing for me to hear background stories about shows like 12/10/71, or 10/18/72, little things that add to the overall story of such legendary performances. Like my friend's story about when his little band opened for the Dead here in 69 (either 2/6 or 4/17, I think it was 4/17), and how he got the job of being Bear's taxi service from the hotel to the gig. Just priceless stuff. Things that make me wish I'd been a journalism major so I could interview these people about their stories from the "good old days," put it together, make it into a book or something.

Anyway, yeah...10/29 is a big favorite of mine from 73. Latvala's quote about Winter 73 pretty much says it all.